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Narcissistic bores who stare at themselves in the mirror for hours are the dullest people on earth. It looks like a rap video with scores of beautiful women as far as the eyes can see. Ashton Kutcher The divorce of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore was not a nasty blood bath, but we did get a very strong sense of a woman betrayed.

First, locate the hot zone.

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The guy apparently gets no end of action. Take a new route to climax with these fresh, pleasure-boosting moves.

David Beckham We're just using our eyes on this one. At least one report suggests that Demi got her own back on her ex by showing people pictures of his inadequacies. Sometimes about their weight.

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We are all about good dirty fun. The Potential First Lady Kindle.

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Or Batman, for that matter. Michael Fassbender We all saw his junk in the movie Shame. Jay Z An ex-sex buddy of Mr.