Thrilled Wife Can Not Wait For New Lover

Something must have gotten him horny during the day or something. As the evening drew near my nerves were still protesting but my mind and my pussy were ready to go.

By late afternoon she looked

After dinner we went over to the adult theater. We got out of the elevator and went in the house.

There was an empty bottle of water on the night stand and I spit all the cum in the bottle. We started drinking and talking. My wife and I were in our early thirties.

She took her

She took her new prize into her hands and stroked it gently. He threw me on the bed and told me that I was about to get the best fuck of my life. Here and there I get a peek through the arms and legs and cocks surrounding me to see who is watching.

He threw meMy wife and I were

He was more than happy to oblige and eased his long cock into her beautifully presented pussy.

There was an empty bottle of

When he kissed me I let out a moan that was from someplace inside of me that I have never experienced pleasure before.

By late afternoon, she looked gorgeous. We were making out so hard. It was dark before he got back.

We were makingWhen he kissed meWe started drinking andIt was dark before he gotSomething must have gotten himHere and there I get a