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The Difference Between Freshman and Senior Year of College

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You can make it until then! Find colleges that fit you here The beginning vs. That adjustment period is long over by senior year. It starts with choosing classes as wisely as possible and working hard and doing your best in them. By the time senior year starts, students should be narrowing down their college choices, filling out applications, and waiting for those all-important acceptance letters.

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Classes and academics

They often take on much more responsibility by the time senior year rolls around. And those higher standards and tougher challenges can naturally help you mature. Why keep trying in your classes when your future is already decided?

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Physical changes

Students change in many ways between freshman and senior year. However, freshman year is a good time to start thinking about some of these issues, because they can keep you motivated. Maturity levels Students are more mature by the time they're seniors well, whats a good pickup line for online dating usually. Or maybe it just seems that way because there is more work than in junior high!

Most are looking back at the last four years and marveling at how quickly it went and it does! The next four years are wide open in terms of new friends, relationships, activities, classes, sports, and experiences. But, eventually, braces come off, contacts replace glasses, and slowly, freshmen start to transform into stronger, better versions of themselves. Freshmen may be in classes with upperclassmen for the first time too, especially electives like phys.

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