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In some cases, therefore, strategies of condensation or even omission may be the most appropriate answer. On the one hand, a strong emphasis on the traits characterising the Source culture i.

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Tourists in fact identify themselves in terms of practice, whether involved in any stage of travel or in any professional activity connected with it. Highlighted paragraphs or words should be indicated in italics. This aspect, however, becomes extremely important in all those instances of communication which go beyond language and culture borders. On the other hand, it has been amply demonstrated that a perspective focused on the textual and pragmatic dimensions of language is especially fruitful cfr. These should be spelt out in full and clearly defined where they initially appear in the text.

An abstract must be included max. There should be no variation in fonts or text size throughout the text. The subject of this work is the degree of intervention translators are asked to exercise in order to achieve successful communication. The standard Harvard system should be used, indicating the author and date of publication of the relevant work. Times New Roman or Arial, in point or similar.

As has been pointed out earlier, the central question is represented by the fuzzy identity of tourists, be they from the same country or foreigners. Tourist texts appear to be particularly suited for the didactic of languages, specialized discourse cfr.

In the case of the translation of tourist texts, however, a characteristic tension arises between the two poles. This should be accompanied by a translation in English, or, Spanish, if the language of the article is English. Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural. The translation of tourist texts is a case in point.

This facilitates the management of all those competences linked to discursive and textual conventions. Articles will be published in the language in which they are submitted.

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Theoretical assumptions will be illustrated by means of a comparison between a tourist text in Italian and its translation into English. It encourages articles from inter and trans-disciplinary perspectives, antine legno online dating from both scientific and management points of view. Uruguay Anya Diekmann Univ.

These can be included in the article where necessary. Lingue, culture, istituzioni a confronto. Colour graphics can be used. Liverani, Elena y Canals, Jordi La lengua del turismo. Las secuencias directivas, en efecto, se alternan continuamente con las descriptivas, en la que se concentran los segmentos ponderativos.

This means that translators adjust texts to new communicative situations by means of choices, or by a process of decision-making which involves all linguistic and textual levels. Hence, translators should learn to dose the amount of information tourists will be able to take in. The editors reserve the right to re-print articles which appear, in subsequent collections. Tourist discourse can be considered as a specialised type of cross-cultural communication. Degree of mediation may vary, ranging from minimal to maximal.

Portugal Roque Pinto Univ. Reino Unido Jafar Jafari Univ.

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