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In the Desert Behind The Scenes

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Then when she managed to work her way in, she wasn't sure there was much substance to be found there, given the limits placed on the press. When you live in Abu Dhabi it is a really interesting book as you can relate to most of the things in the book. Argan trees in the morning in the desert of Merzouga, Morocco. Landscape and journey, travel and africa, tourism theme. This is such a shame because the book had a lot of potential but just drifted erratically at times and I was hoping for so much more.

Interesting stories and wellwritten

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The government strictly censors the newspapers and media. Take advantage of our special Summer Chill Tour Package. Hand drawn vector illustration.

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Doing that enabled me to skim more easily, though the material never became much more interesting. Her efforts at gaining access to old newspapers in the National Archives, however, are somewhat less successful partly due to the digitization process which is underway. The emirate of Abu Dhabi has proven itself to be smart and resilient in the face of this adversity, opting to become the cultural capital of the area. Her observations are spot on and her background information appears well researched and quite accurate.

Take advantage of our special

Prairie road graphic art American desert black white landscape sketch illustration vector. Because of this book, my tourist visits to coastline and desert sands had a depth of appreciation for my surroundings that would otherwise have been missing. Interesting stories and well-written. Evening on a background of a mountain landscape.

Wallpaper with desert scene in yellow color. Absolutely recommend it for anyone living here. Women need their father's approval to enter into a career. Very engaging, critical and a piece of writing that offers a deep synthesis of the Abu Dhabian hidden contradictory realities.