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Should you upgrade to the latest and greatest? It's most helpful for searching the store or making notes in text. There is more grip along the entire circumference and you will not inadvertently press down on the touchscreen. The purpose of this comparison video is to answer this very question.

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Customers also shopped for

Pressing and holding the N button for a couple seconds also turns on and off the GlowLight. In our experience, the blue GlowLight appeared fairly uniform across the screen and did improve our reading experience, paranoid park legendado online dating even in slightly dim rooms. One of the most hyped up features about the Nook Glowlight Plus is that it is completely waterproof.

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Unfortunately, the Nook search function is still flawed. Inside books are six font face options half serif and half sans-serif and seven text sizes from which to choose. Or you can use the physical buttons on either side of the screen. You can invite friends to join, but they'll still need to be Nook owners. This results in a better nighttime reading experience and the ability to turn mute the bright white light and have softer tones.

However, users won't be able to read Amazon e-books or Apple's iBooks here. Users can also adjust line spacing and margins or choose to use the publisher's defaults for each book.

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Creating notes is as easy as pressing and holding your finger over a word in the text of a book. Text appears crisp and clear on the new Nook, not unlike its competitors. While it may not seem like much, the half-ounce difference makes for more comfortable longer reading sessions, as does the soft-coated, rubbery contours of the backside. And you can borrow local library books for free. The Home screen still presents an overview of the e-book you're reading, other recently opened or acquired material and recommendations on what to read next.

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We expected it to feel gritty, but we couldn't discern any difference when compared to the E Ink screen on the Kindle Touch. Review Sometimes, you want to curl up in bed with a good e-book, but you don't want to disturb your sleeping partner by turning on a light. This is beneficial for users because the screen is flush with the bezel, similar to how your smartphone or tablet functions. The corners are rounded, which prevents it from digging into your hands.

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One of the big drawbacks about this device was the inability to use it if it was submerged in water or had lots of water droplets on the screen. Books from Borders, Google, Kobo and Sony will work, too.

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We didn't find this feature particularly useful because it offers such a limited user base. Graphics, such as book covers, look as good in grayscale as we'd expect, which is to say good, but not black-and-white photograph good. You can also see which of their books are lendable and request a book from a friend. Users can swipe or tap the left or right edges without needing a map of the correct areas, as you do with the Kindle Touch.

But most impressively, with GlowLight continuously on and Wi-Fi off, this e-reader should go for a month on one charge. With Wi-Fi off and GlowLight off, you should get two months of endurance. This new model replaces the NooK Glowlight Plus, which many people have purchased. On Facebook messages, the book's cover appears with a link to buy the book, along with the quote.