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She had seen the image on a Chicago-based board in the s and experienced seizures, anxiety, and the desire to share the image ever since. His extensive posts detailed their investigation of the cave, as well as their reflections after each trip. As such, these tales tend to be brief and may rely mainly upon a single image with text. They will then point to the girl in the top row on the far right, with her rigid posture and morose expression. However, as the story goes, she crushed a kitten in her mouth after entering the hospital and splattered blood all over herself and her fellow patients.

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Than I was like why u tryna always fight someone, and this hoe starting talking shit. We greatly appreciate your interest in Harvard, and we offer our best wishes of success as you pursue your educational goals. The Expressionless became violent when they attempted to sedate her, although she spotted and smiled at a male physician with her mouth of spike-like teeth. Supposedly, a college student was researching stories of people dying because of an image called Smile.

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Jeff was created in and cut from the same pattern as the Joker. His powers soon grew to include tentacles in his back, teleportation, photographic or video distortion, and disruption of memory, sleep, and sanity. This phenomenon was labelled the Lavender Town Syndrome or Suicides, after the graveyard-oriented gameplay.

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It is also an incredibly tall humanoid creature with pale skin, although its large eyes and small mouth set this monster apart. Although the student had initially gotten Mary to agree to an interview, she went mad and took her own life. Thank you for your interest in Harvard College. You can now find songs, films, television show episodes, and much more on Slenderman and his adventures in torturing humans unwise enough to seek him out. In particular, his creepypasta tells that he was once a mild-mannered brother, lover, and friend who decided to clean his bathtub with a vat of acid.

In moving it, he accidentally dipped his face in the acid, removing his nose, turning his skin white, and transforming himself into a murderer with a ghastly smile. At the same time, they have many of the same characteristics as traditional ghost stories and urban legends. Before reading on, be sure that you leave the light on, and check that you locked the front and back doors.

However, there is more to him than meets the eye. According to the story, a surviving female doctor named her.

Hospital staff began noticing odd qualities about her, including a lack of eyebrows, expressionless face, and generally strange flexibility. But your ride or die will show up at your house to tell you to get your shit together, that your eyebrows are jacked up, and that you have food stuck in your teeth. From there, the mythos grew primarily through additional memes and video games depicting characters interacting with him. Even though they can be entertaining, memes can also be terrifying, machine of death online dating as evidenced by the contemporary legends listed below.

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After collapsing, she was taken to a hospital room and cleaned up. The story starts with a Something Awful Photoshop contest to create creepy photographs of the paranormal. More importantly, it will merely stare until threatened, at which point the Rake will attack and use the hundreds of dull teeth inside its gaping maw to consume you. Like Slenderman, the Rake has taken on a life of its own, with many variations and even a tumblr dedicated to this suburban creature.