Cons Somewhat difficult to set up

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The Doro can potentially accept address book entries over the air, but Consumer Cellular hasn't enabled that feature yet. There's room for both of these phones in the market, I think. Stressed-out seniors looking for a worry-free experience should go for the Jitterbug J if they can afford it. Reading text messages is a snap, but entering them requires the painful triple-tap method, unless you activate a non-obvious predictive text switch also buried deep in Settings.

Hand-holding, or lack of such, is where the PhoneEasy differs from its top competitor, the Samsung Jitterbug J. The keys and display are large enough, making this handset an ideal phone for seniors.

The phone offers no more than simple call and text functionality. These are big and comfy enough that they shouldn't put any strain on your hands or eyes. After years of using phones with teeny-tiny buttons or impossible touchscreen keyboards, these oversized buttons will come as a huge relief. Transmissions sound well-rounded and solid on the other end, with just a bit of background noise, but not too much. They'll program your phone's address book for you.

They'll pre-program text message responses into your phone. If you hit the button by accident, you do have until the end of the alarm to cancel the emergency. This phone should last more than a week on standby if it isn't used much.

Cons Somewhat difficult

When pressed, the phone sounds a noisy alarm for a few seconds, then sends a pre-defined text message to up to five different numbers. Grandma will need you to set it up, though.

As such, we expect a few extra touches. But if you're willing to help with a bit of setup and support, you can save some cash by going with Doro. Still, with a xpixel resolution, everything on this screen looks clear, with no annoying blurring around the text or icons. This is the PhoneEasy gsm, a similar mobile from Doro that adds a few extra features here and there.

The handset is ultimately a basic mobile phone with simple functions. The Doro PhoneEasy has a spacious number keypad.

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It doesn't have the best resolution, but images and text still look sharp and we like the large display fonts. Cons Somewhat difficult to set up. As an emergency mobile device, the battery is very impressive. Jitterbug will program your phone's calendar for you. The Doro PhoneEasy gives you simple voice calling on an attractive device at a recession-friendly price.