This is for control of the heating

Digital thermostat hook up

And for the thermostat to function properly only if you have a mechanical non-digital thermostat. If the colors of the wires do not match the colors described here make sure you mark the wires with masking tape.

The bit should

After finishing with that, put the new sub-base back on the wall in the position you want it. It is important that all connections are tight, and that no stray strands have contact with another wire. Thermostat wire comes in many different varieties. All other wires, except the common wire, controls a specific relay or contactor. Each wire must go to the correct terminal on the thermostat or the unit will not run correctly.

Most of the time there is some slack and you can pull the wire out more. If you have more than five wires then you have more control points or you have a heat pump. Any discrepancy here indicates a bad thermostat sensor. It is set in the thermostat or thermostats.

Some people like to loop the wire around the terminal screws. Unscrew the sub-base from the wall while holding the wires. Before you begin to install your new thermostat turn the power off. Use the search feature to the right to help you find other related articles. To learn more about their system as a whole.

That way the house is at a comfortable temperature when you get out of bed. Push it in until just the tip of the anchor remains visible.

Take note of this setting. This will keep the wires from falling back into the wall. It has an internal jumper built into the sub-base.

Thermostat Wiring Color Code Table

Thermostat Wiring Color Code Table opens in a new window Additionally, be aware that thermostats are equipped with heating and cooling anticipators. The bit should be slightly smaller than the anchor. The transformer was blown in the past. The problem may not be with the thermostat. Alternatively, some thermostats have directions for calibration printed inside the cover.