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The name of Jehovah in Hebrew within rays etc. More than fifteen different medals were struck for the investiture.

On length of original ribbon. With Birmingham assay office silver hallmarks. Slight moth damage to backing cloth but stitching perfect.

Here we were, selling mini packs of seeds in a predominantly rural agricultural setting while at the same time area farmers were purchasing their seeds by the pound or bushel basket. Their task to establish communication with the landing ships, higher command, Beach Master, and ground troops.

With Birmingham assay

Includes the awards of Sepp Dietrich, Forman collection etc. White and brown embroidered B and laurel leaves on khaki backing.

Back to the prize incentives. Britannia, her helmet at her feet, stands holding an olive branch and a dove. Both items in excellent condition. The medal in bronze was given to seamen and Marines who were involved in the battle.

On length of original ribbon