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Dating guys with motorcycles

Comfort is also the overall impression which the exceptionally good-natured and agile Basic makes from the first test ride. Below right is a shot of the now famous Sturgis North Dakota annual rally now mainly a Harley event showing a Chief in the foreground.

My Dad rode a very similar bike in the Canadian Army when those machines were new. Then the British government devalued the pound sterling making the English imports a lot cheaper than the Indians.

The Sport Scout engine got a lot more finning. Two or three hard brake applications for the critical hairpins of an alpine pass descent is sufficient to bring the brake lever completely back to the twistgrip without resistance. From Youtube here is an unrestored Chief being started. Supposedly it was destined for a museum somewhere in Ohio, but I have no idea if it actually wound up there.

One might have thought that with experience in shock absorbers Indian would have come out with a Swingarm rear frame. On tar we did some interesting top gear roll-ons. These are typical of Chiefs one would have seen back in the day, not over restored or accessorized. Rogers was so dedicated he put a lot of his own money like, millions into Indian.

Comfort is alsoBelow right is a shot