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The chancellor knew Germany to be a military match for any rival but feared the possibility of a coalition. The collection is thought by some to have been the property of a Scythian chief who temporarily ruled Mannai.

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Far from breaking the Entente Cordiale, the affair prompted the British to begin secret staff talks with the French military. In Austria-Hungary and Russia had agreed to put their dispute over the Balkans on ice. Yet, unlike Achaemenian sculpture, there is no narrative intention in these reliefs. Challenged for the first time by the commercial, naval, and colonial might of many other industrializing nations, the British reconsidered the wisdom of splendid isolation.

Parthian period The Parthians were a nomadic people originating in the steppe country between the Caspian and Aral seas. After the monarchies of Europe had shied away from arming the masses in the French revolutionary fashion, and the events of further justified their fear of an armed citizenry.

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The Elamite use of pictographs was short-lived, however, and for a long time no further attempt was made to develop a written language. The failure of the Anglo-German talks condemned both powers to dangerous competition. France had no such pressure but was forced to draft a higher percentage of its manpower to fill the army ranks. In Iran, this development took place in Elam, a region bordering on southern and central Mesopotamia.

Citing the waste, social discord, and international tension caused by the naval arms race he made several overtures to Germany in hopes of ending it. But the progress of nationalism gradually undermined the legitimacy of the old empires.