Easy break barrel, very smooth

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First, it gives the gun authentic tactical look. The same black polymer forms a trigger guard around a black polymer trigger and lever-type safety. Besides, the recoil pad is removable to reveal the convenient storage space. Airgun Depot got it to me very swiftly. The stock is fully ambidextrous and has a slight rise toward the rear that functions as a cheek piece.

ProsGreat balance for an air-gun, feels more like an extension of your arm, than something just hanging off it. Also, it reduces strain on your wrist. In summary, a gun with pistol grip gives you unfair advantage in the hunting field.

This is accomplished by the series of small parallel holes drilled in the tube. The barrel lock-up on both versions is positive, but it did seem harder to break the springer lock with the palm of my hand. Finally, pistol grip allows you to have your hand close to the body and reduces your silhouette which is crucial in a hunting scenario.

Third, it is more convenient to hold your air rifle with your hand on a grip for a long time if you have a pistol grip. The butt pad can be peeled off. The pistol grip puts the trigger finger in perfect placement and the front supporting hand falls nicely on the deep fore end.

It seems to be that if game were available, an air rifle might be pretty useful for keeping body and soul together. In fact upon firing, not only is recoil very low for such a lightweight rifle but muzzle report was equally so. Underneath the forward end of the forestock is a long slot that allows clearance for the barrel during cocking. However, certain gun manufacturers are now increasingly launching air rifles that embrace the true meaning of the word because the rifle has the cosmetic appearance of a military assault rifle.

In some cases this might just help you get a shot at a target you might otherwise not have had the chance to due to having to quickly faff around disengaging a safety positioned elsewhere. At the extreme aft end is a rubber butt pad which is attached to a molded black synthetic stock. The pressurized air is kept under tension until you pull the trigger. Forward of that is the barrel, which has a fluted polymer muzzle break on the end that can be gripped during cocking.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight. Incidentally, the thick heavily ridged black rubber butt pad friction fits onto the rear of the rifle and once pulled off reveals the hollow butt section that Crosman say is a storage compartment. The pistol grip also feels right. Shot-to-shot variation was within single figures with both - if anything, the springer just edged the competition. After the first shot, you have to break the barrel to prepare for the second shot.

Anyways, I was bagging a few squirrels here and there with it and am able to hit a dime from yds away. They had planned pretty well, but lost some of their gear if I recall correctly and found themselves in a subsistence situation. Further more, it can be left cocked for days without spring fatigue. Your hands will not get tired as fast as with traditional grip.

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Then pull the barrel up to its original position until it locks and you are ready to fire. Crosman have been clever and both the guns share the same chassis, but of course, have differing power plants and barrel lengths.

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