The tabernacle was a shadow of him

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All the Old Testament shadows pointed to Christ. Spanish Slavery The Spanish Inquisition were keen slavers.

Preachers tended to concentrate on biblical passages, such as those already quoted that endorsed slavery and counselled passive acceptance of it. It has never been a sabbath, and it is pure legalism to call it a sabbath or to treat it as one.

It has never been a sabbath

Jesus is our Sabbath Rest by Ray C. This principle would be enshrined in canon law in respect of monastic slaves under the Decretum gratiani c.

Preachers tended to concentrate on biblical

If he commits the same infraction for another month, again counting from the day he is reported, he shall have his hamstring cut and be branded with a fleur de lys on the other shoulder. He may leave you right where you are, doing what you are doing now, or he may tell you to stop it all, at great cost perhaps, outwardly, and leave it and go some place else to do something else. It is those claims that I want to examine now as we look at this record from the book of Genesis for the seventh day. Biblical Underpinning for Slavery For many centuries slavery was perfectly acceptable to Christians.

It is his job to give the orders, it is his job to make you know what he wants you to do. Some seem able to learn it, and from time to time we see someone virtually come alive and their Christian life is simply transformed by learning to operate on this principle.