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He saw his murder in his vision. The fox, thinking Chaunticleer's idea a good one, opens his mouth, and Chaunticleer nimbly escapes to a treetop. Because he had found a seed, which lay in the yard. The fox tries once again to lure Chaunticleer down by compliments and flattery, but the rooster has learned his lesson. Thus, Lady Pertelote will be similar to the Roman wives if she loses her husband, Chaunticleer.

For dreams are but fantasies and foolishness. Go with thy brother now and thee baptise, And make thee clean, so that thou may'st behold The angel's face, of which thy brother told.

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That you had read his legend, as have I. Lady Pertelote thinks that Chaunticleer's dream or nightmare was the result of his constipation, and she recommends a laxative. At that moment, the fox races to the cock, grasps him about the neck, and makes off with him.

For dreams are but

Beside a grove, standing in a dale. Geoffrey reference to Geoffrey de Vinsauf, an author on the use of rhetoric during the twelfth century. Murder will out, that see we day by day. Began to laugh, and vigorously scorned him. She needed not a bit of spicy sauce.

Part of the Nun's Priest's method in his light-hearted analysis of human pride is an ironic identification of Chaunticleer with everything noble that he can think of. Right now that yet my heart is grievously frightened. My fellow murder'd in this same night And in this cart he lies, gaping upright. The tale refers to a priest's son who breaks a rooster's leg by throwing a stone at it.

But he was slain straightway by Achilles. The reader should be constantly aware of the ironic contrast between the barnyard and the real world, which might be another type of barnyard. Forty degrees and one, and more indeed.

In which she had a cock, called Chauntecleer. Men dream of a thing that never was nor shall be. Of Mercia, how Kenelm dreamed a thing.