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Celebs interracial dating

Proving that love sees no color, some of the most well-known and powerful duos are of mixed races. Also, The two collaborate on philanthropic endeavors, including assisting the fellows at The Carroll Center, an organization geared toward the visually impaired. From Oscar-winning actors, to rock and roll icons, noteworthy public figures, and even up-and-coming stars, there are several notable white men married to black women in Hollywood. Even before their relationship, Kim and Kanye were no strangers to interracial love with a dating list that includes Miles Austin, Reggie Bush and Amber Rose. This sentiment is even shared in Hollywood.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Playboy bunny and reality star Kendra Wilkinson met her future hubby and her future baby daddy at the Playboy mansion. Eva Mendes is forty-one years old and Ryan Gosling is thirty-four. Aside from her beauty, which is obvious, she is loving, simple and a very good person.

Bowie had one other son, Zowie Bowie, aka Duncan Jones, b. The couple has a three year-old daughter by the name of Stella Luna.

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From the looks of it, the list will end here. Wilson is an actress, as well. Seeing celebrity couple of from different ethnicities marrying and starting families, making these unions more public.

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The British rocker married the Somali-American model in and seem more in love than ever before. Robert De Niro's first wife, Diahnne Abbott, acted in supporting roles in several of his films, including Taxi Driver. However, pictures of her modeling are hard to find. Love acts independently of orientation, religious affiliation, gender, deformity, handicaps, weight, height, nationality and ethnicity. Maybe the guys dig her accent.

One of the famous athletes of all time, if not the most famous. Try sleeping tonight with that mental image.

Even though Ice T is a light-skinned ed brotha he still counts. Although we acknowledge the inherent politics of mixed-race dating, we are not here to make a political statement. The two lovebirds met back in August of and tied the knot just a few weeks after. The two are as thick as thieves, and are often spotted around Hollywood and watching Lakers games.