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We'll be talking a bit about some of these new, modern ways of compressing music. Thank you so much for joining us, Scott. As I mentioned, anything that was originally recorded for vinyl always wins the competition.

Thank you so much for joining us. The audio is subjected to low-pass or all-pass filtering, which can result in broad peaks becoming slanted ramps.

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This places important constraints on the maximum levels that can be recorded to a record. Let's go to Brian in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Well, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm primarily a recording engineer, as far as working with music.

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And we - I think most people should be able to hear this even on their car stereos, the difference here. Under theoretically ideal conditions, this could perhaps improve to dB. So therefore, we are only hearing up to six kilohertz. Still, that is indeed something to consider with modern vinyl.

First, though, here's Laura from Main St. Like a star that can't wait for a night.

Additionally, during playback, the turntable's stylus has limits on what grooves it can successfully track. Belt drives are generally easier and cheaper to implement, improve, and repair than direct drives. And we brought the band and we recorded the class project. Some alter the dynamic range.

Maybe I got a bad pressing, or maybe it was because he put a really densely orchestrated tune as the last track on a side, where the circles of the groove are much tighter and harder to track. There's also - we have lost the ritual, and we've lost the experience of sitting down and focusing on just a recording. In the secondhand market, neither type of drive holds its value any better than the other. Some pops and ticks result from static discharges during playback. There are various reasons.

The principle is the same even in complex waveforms. You know, if I'm listening in the car and there's a lot of noise there, I'm not terribly concerned about it.

Well, and we wanted to ask you about that quickly, because we see these things. On every play, there is the potential for damage, as when the stylus forces a grit particle into the vinyl. This is believed to be a temporary effect and goes away after approx. No stylus has a cantilever that is perfectly straight.

Its often more costly to re-tip than to replace. Whatever the reason, bad sound is bad sound. The rattle of the snares loses its definition. That's kind of a subjective term.