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Although Bruce Wayne still holds the mantle of the Bat, he leaves Dick Grayson as Gotham's Dark Knight, and sets out to create a world wide crime fighting organization known as Batman Incorporated. Then, Batman goes to save Lincoln March, but is too late and March is mortally wounded. For the most part, Batman's family and friends come to believe that Bruce Wayne is indeed dead. Hurt, Batman is caught in a helicopter crash. The Black Pirate demands that the two retreat.

Resolute, Batman decides to burn down the Court of Owls's house. Batman comes to a room of caskets, but does not open them, wishing to solve the rest of the mystery first. The late s Batman television series utilized a camp aesthetic associated with the character for years after the show ended.

Scholars William Uricchio and Roberta E. However, within seconds of the challenge, two of the pirates are dead by Miagani darts, leaving only Blackbeard and Hands. The Dark Knight is seemingly dead. However, he did not visit the Wayne family until years later.

At the back of the cave is the cape of the Lord of Night - the cape that Batman was wearing when he came back in time. Batman became a popular character soon after his introduction, and eventually gained his own title, Batman. In a final confrontation with Dr. While tied down in the center of the encampment, next to the corpse of a giant bat.

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The Black Pirate is struck by his memories. Wayne hands the Batman mantle to Dick Grayson then Nightwing for an interim period, while Wayne trains to return to his role as Batman.

In writers resurrected the Jason Todd character and have pitted him against his former mentor. Escaping the explosion, Batman tracks the Talon down to a mysterious labyrinth that contains portraits of Gotham in the Wild West that also details Gotham's history. On the way down, the black-haired stranger notices the drawings he made, all those years ago. While searching in Baghdad, Tim finds a wall painting of the Bat emblem that was painted by Bruce upon the passing of Anthro.

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Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne. Many of the major Batman storylines since the s have been inter-title crossovers that run for a number of issues.

With the assistance of Robin and Nightwing, he turns the tables on his foes. In the storyline's first phase, the new villain Bane paralyzes Batman, leading Wayne to ask Azrael to take on the role. One of Men of the tribe finds a necklace in the hand of Anthro's possession, which belonged to a woman of their family, which he vows will not leave their family's possession. However, the building explodes with Batman inside.