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We have thousands of gifts for romantic, geek, creative, fashionable and other personality types. If you hear a dull thud, the material is made of paper, not rubber, and you may want to put it back on the shelf.

Depending on your sensibilities, Platinum can be either bemusing or energising. Unique Personalized Gifts Unique personalized gifts are a perfect representation of your emotions. Clothes, handbags and heels ooze from every building orifice. During the week, however, the plaza is quiet with a few families roaming around with pooches in tow.

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This day is extremely special for wives so their gifts have to be as exceptional as the day is. So send gifts to India and connect with your loved ones living in the country.

We offer impressive gifts that will steal your beloved heart once again. The easiest way to get to this happening night market is via the SkyTrain. More on these later as we proceed down busy Sukhumvit.

The place has been remodelled and returned by late with a new face and fewer antiques. The owner will carefully pack your items herself. So, send stunning wedding gifts to your colleagues or friends and delight them immensely. Buy small or buy wholesale.

Ashwood has a ground floor showroom too. If your friend is getting married, sending lovely wedding gifts to him is a great way to make his wedding celebration memorable and more exciting. There are some decent restaurants in the complex for a short halt when the feet get weary. At one time this was the premier place to come and sharpen your bargaining skills.

The brand offers an upscale taste of Thailand, with embroidered bedding, bright ceramics and aromatherapy candles, soaps and lotions. Most antique dealers at River City will be happy to furnish certificates of antiquity and authenticity. Topshop knockoffs, screen prints, tiny skirts and, of course, food stands. Best Birthday Gifts Birthdays are truly special, whether ours or of our loved ones. This is perfect weekend browsing material with everything from old transistor radios and gramophones to gold and silk on sale.

Across the street, stop into Summer is Sweet, a mango-themed restaurant popular for its mango ice-cream and sticky rice. Everyone looks forward to experiencing joyous celebrations. From hand woven rugs to wooden carvings, it is easy to think beyond Pottery Barn. Originating in Siam Square, Flynow and its descendents are an excellent example of the creativity and unique style sensibilities bubbling over in Bangkok.

Most antique dealers at River City

This is an informal collection of gew-gaws and items for the home or as gifts. The collections are feminine, curve-hugging, graceful and geometric. Choose mid midnight cakes and flower delivery and add an element of surprise to your special occasion.

This is the Bangkok cheap shopping Mecca. Set aside at least half a day, if not more, for this expedition. These gifts exhibit the efforts one puts in buying a gift for the receiver.