There are limitations though

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Despite not being as sharp as the latest crop of hot hatches, the Mi still has the ability to put a huge smile on your face. It makes you wonder why other manufacturers seem unable to make car controls so precise. Then there's the way it goes, the urge building in intensity as soon as the turbos stir.

There are limitations though. But on the right road none of that matters. With a ride that's more forgiving over Britain's crumbling highways and styling that's somewhat more restrained, it makes for a compelling alternative. Just press the pedal harder and the response is linear and predictable.

There's a superb

Even in Sport mode, the Mi feels comfortable enough around town, shrugging off smaller imperfections with relative impunity. That said, the must-have optional adaptive dampers give a surprisingly forgiving ride on all but the most broken surfaces.

Yet it's also extremely civilised

The gearbox is also now capable of making multiple downshifts in one go, giving even greater control.

Yet it's also extremely civilised. There's a superb feel to the major controls, solid and unflappable. That sound intensifies as the revs rise, encouraging you to explore the farther reaches of the throttle pedal's travel. For instance, the steering initially feels quite heavy but on the move it's that translates to wonderful precision. At low speeds the brakes seem disinterested, but once up to speed the six-piston calipers at the front haul off speed without fuss.