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Bardot's appearance was relatively brief and the film was not a big hit. In fact you nearly can do everything with Barbie as long as you want. Brigitte always gave the impression of sexual freedom - she is a completely open and free person, without any aggression. Bardot grew up in an upper middle-class Roman Catholic observant home. Rather than wear a wig to hide her naturally brunette hair she decided to dye her hair.

It is not in my character. These games contain many aspects of dress-up, washing, decorating and so on.

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The film was the third most popular movie at the British box office that year. Levine and starring Jack Palance.

One of her classmates was Leslie Caron. So I gave her the part of a man - that amused me. Although Bardot got the role, the film was cancelled but made her consider becoming an actress. For the Italian movie Mio figlio Nerone Bardot was asked by the director to appear as a blonde.

In it Bardot portrays an immoral teenager cavorting in a bikini who seduces men in a respectable small-town setting. This gave time for lessons at Madame Bourget's dance studio three days a week. The prosecutor stated she was tired of charging Bardot with offences related to racial hatred. The letter stated her objections to Muslims in France ritually slaughtering sheep by slitting their throats without anesthetizing them first.

For three years she attended ballet classes by Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev. It was a highly publicised production, which resulted in Bardot having an affair and attempting suicide.

The film was Bardot's biggest ever commercial success in France, the third biggest hit of the year, and was nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar. It's at the razor's edge of decency.