Pursuant to a court order

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Record books should be copied or repaired, renovated, or rebound if worn, mutilated, damaged, or difficult to read. If an exemption is alleged to exist under or by virtue of s. Is taken in a place that a reasonable person would expect to be private. Impair the ability of a state attorney to locate or prosecute a codefendant. Where provision of another room or place is necessary to photograph public records, the expense of providing the same shall be paid by the person desiring to photograph the public records.

Record books should

The following criminal intelligence information or criminal investigative information is confidential and exempt from s. If the ballots are being examined before the end of the contest period in s. Such information may be released to another agency or governmental entity in the furtherance of its duties and responsibilities under the Local Update of Census Addresses Program.

If an exemption is

Such officers-elect shall adopt and implement reasonable measures to ensure compliance with the public records obligations set forth in this chapter. For purposes of capital collateral litigation as set forth in s.

To the parties in a pending criminal prosecution as required by law. Any information not otherwise held confidential or exempt from s.

The copy shall then have the force and effect of the original. For all other copies, the actual cost of duplication of the public record. Any information in a videotaped statement of a minor who is alleged to be or who is a victim of sexual battery, lewd acts, or other sexual misconduct proscribed in chapter or in s. To another governmental agency in the furtherance of its official duties and responsibilities.

If the contractor keeps and maintains public records upon completion of the contract, the contractor shall meet all applicable requirements for retaining public records. An agent must possess written authorization of the recorded person to act on his or her behalf. An agency must provide a copy of the record in the medium requested if the agency maintains the record in that medium, and the agency may charge a fee in accordance with this chapter. Such person shall maintain the exempt or confidential status of that public record and shall be subject to the same penalties as the custodian of that record for public disclosure of such record.