Are john cena and aj dating

Are john cena and aj dating

No matter who Cena is dating, with him being a big star, his personal life is going to draw a lot of attention. Carmella was there for Cass when he suffered a knee injury. When it came time for them to make their main roster debuts, they were moved to different brands. The wrestler responded by saying that he wished he could have, only she was married at the time.

Carmella was thereNo matter who Cena is dating

One of those times that we were separated, I dated John for about a month. The rumors Rumors of John Cena and Carmella dating began on Monday when a Wrestling dirtsheet posted that they were dating. Oh well, at least he got to make out with her on-screen. According to reports, Huberdeau was completely caught off guard when her husband said that he wanted a divorce and this prompted a nasty and public breakup.

Leaked photos of Lust, who is also married, wearing skimpy lingerie while holding up a championship belt seemed to confirm the allegations. Suggest a correction to this article Its been one month since John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their wedding. However, Lust has said that she had never even met Cena, let alone had a relationship with him, but she also admitted that she would be more than willing to hook up with him. It was when we were both in Louisville.

Some of these hookups are known facts, while others are merely rumors. While fans continue to speculate on the rumors, Cena and Carmella are staying mum on the situation, even though people are hounding them on social media.

Thankfully, they were able to settle their differences in private and Cena has now moved on to the stunning Nikki Bella. Since their split, rumors have swirled about the status of their relationship. Even though she has adamantly denied the rumours, many believe that she is the main reason why John Cena and his wife got a divorce.