They then go to Toma's home

Amnesia dating sim

Ukyo, the joker, seems to also play a role in the heroine's parallel world travel. He commands her to not take a single step out of the house. This memory was foggy for Heroine until this point, where she mistakenly thought Shin was the one who killed someone.

He commands her to not take

After the firework show was over, Shin asks the Heroine again about dating him. The only way he was able to probably contain himself is to get incredibly drunk from depression so she could let him wallow in his pity while being in her arms. The next morning, the Heroine wakes up upon hearing somebody leaving something in her mailbox. His split personality is due to witnessing the death of his girlfriend, the Heroine many times in his attempts to save her.

He appears to have a bright and bubbly personality, and seems to care greatly for the Heroine. They decide to go shopping. After sitting there for a couple of hours, she asks Kent about the reason he called her.

Shortly afterward, Toma is shocked to find that there is nothing in the mailbox, apparently attempting to clean it out. Neil and Orion say goodbye, but some time later, as Mary and Ukki are on a date or something, she drops her hankerchief and a boy picks it up and gives it back to her. She meets with Ikki, a coworker who always wears sunglasses, outside her apartment, and he teases her and offers sexual favors. According to Orion, he collided with the Heroine's spirit which is the cause of her amnesia. Unfortunately by then it was too late to totally love the character cause the route had ended.

Every time she woke up, she received coffee from him until Orion showed up and explained that he put sleeping pills in her coffee. Toma wakes up soon afterward, and they agree to take a break for some time and have some fun. Suddenly bad Ukyo comes and attempts to kill her, when good Ukyo kills himself so the Heroine can live. At night, Toma decides to let her out, and he explains that the reason he was doing it was to protect her from Ikki's fans. Ikki is extremely popular among women, and is thought of as a playboy.

The heroine starts regaining small pieces of her memories. Toma leaves and the next scene was at the hospital where everything was dark. These problems affect their relationship, as many girls become jealous of their relationship and tries to hurt Heroine. Additionally she gets spam emails telling her to die in a fire, break up with Ikki etc.

Ukyo the joker

His true personality is extremely kind, loyal, and loving, to the point where he gives up his life numerous times in order for his wish to be granted. The heroine gets a call at home from Ikki, but he is drunk, and he expresses his distaste for his fangirls, except for the heroine.