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You can run any profile past me. Some months later that police attention gradually began to focus on O'Reilly, with mobile phone records eventually being used to secure his conviction. Research has found that cohabiting women are nine times more likely to be killed by their intimate partner than married women. He was the last person to be publicly executed in Glasgow.

Research has shown that females often experience increased abuse following the termination of a relationship. Her husband, Joshua Powell, was the main suspect of her presumed murder, but he committed suicide in February after killing their sons. Sexual jealousy may be a possible reason for this heightened risk following separation. July This section possibly contains original research. He was suspected by some of being Jack the Ripper.

Their marriage was unhappy, and he had been publicly embarrassed by her adultery years earlier. This type of extreme traumatic event can have serious implications on wellbeing and mental health. Joe O'Reilly was convicted in of the murder of his wife Rachel at their home in Co. You're the best - we're getting married in Sept. He was not tried, on the grounds of diminished responsibility, and was instead committed to a psychiatric hospital.

The case was closed in when police lead to the conclusion that Joshua and his brother murdered Susan and disposed of her body. The case is notable for Watson's use of a plea of insanity as his defence. Herod the Great had his second wife, Mariamne I strangled for suspected adultery, though she was innocent of the charges.

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Research has shown that females often