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His musings were interrupted when Alice was hit with a stray hex hit her. Even more disturbing was the feeling he got. If someone knew more about, it was Lavender.

He would wait one more week and if she wouldn't tell him anything by then, he would talk to her. She outdueled Hermione and that didn't look right. Though it was hilarious, Alice held the charm a bit too long for his liking.

He gulped and looked at Cho in the hope that the she wouldn't misinterpret his conversation with Lavender. He stopped in his tracks and watched Hermione helping the girl to get up. Greengrass wasn't nearly as bitchy as Parkinson. He hoped not, Ron wouldn't be happy. The strange thing Parkinson hadn't insulted Hermione for quite some time too.

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Daphne Greengrass, the fifth-year Slytherin is her cousin. And when Parvati had teased Hermione about dating some boy in secret, Hermione had gotten nervous. He didn't understand them.