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The bigger question is whether white companies will allow black or Latino-themed subsidiaries the autonomy and authority they need to operate independently of the parent company. If you're motivated not by serving your customers but by serving the advertisers, you end up making different choices. Lozano, chief executive officer of ImpreMedia, which calls itself the nation's leading Hispanic news and information company. According to the progressive media watch group Media Matters, you go your own way.

We're reflecting the mainstream thinking of African Americans. No other group in the world moves ahead unless it controls its own economic destiny. He said he chose to become a banker as a way to gain background he could use in a journalism career.

McCoy's father said that when he was growing up, the only black workers in banks that he had seen were janitors. Many were in senior leadership roles with the potential to earn six-figure salaries. Sure, it helps to have black middle men and women managing the handoff of assets from raceless i. Another mega-deal where people of color are not the key decision makers. That's one reason he spent six years as senior and contributing editor at Black Enterprise magazine, founded in by entrepreneur Earl G.

Inspiring the next generationThe Times retreated

Inspiring the next generation Frank McCoy, a veteran chronicler of black businesses who freelances for theRoot. The Times retreated to calling the Guardian a community newspaper and fired the managing editor who had labeled it otherwise. Others view GlobalBlack as a return to segregation. Still, the trend of mainstream ownership of ethnic publications continued. Whether these ventures can show the love could be key to their success.